I was getting lots of colds and Dr. Gold told me to have my vitamin D level checked, something no doctor had ever told me before. My level turned out to be low and she advised me to up my D dosage. Since then I have had few colds and also my allergies have improved.
-Lori Miles

Tanya Gold recently gave our Civic group a presentation that turned a lot of heads. Instead of a same old boring speech, the presentation was fun and interactive. She kept all the audience members engaged as she demonstrated some of her care and exercise techniques. In an age of quick turnarounds within the world of HMO’s, it truly is a gift to have a physician with Tanya’s level of care.
Zane Stowers President
Computer Solutions Inc

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful class today. It made me feel better on so many levels. You are a blessing and I am so glad I have the opportunity to experience yoga with you. Again, thank you for all that you are, and all that you give.

-Gale Abercrombie

Whenever I would see Dr. Gold no matter what my issue was, I always felt like she actually listened to what I had to say and would treat me based on what I was telling her and not from a flowchart or textbook. She also was the first doctor that made me realize how important it was to invest in myself and my health. She really cares and has come through for me going above and beyond.
Pery Shusterman

At the recent annual retreat of the Jewish Multiracial Network, I had the opportunity to attend the Laughter Therapy Session led by Tanya Gold. We were a multigenerational group, from young adults to seniors, almost all of whom, I believe, had never attended such a session before. Previously I had heard about such therapy, but I knew very little about it. Tanya did a great job of providing background information, including a number of case studies, and creating an environment in which we all felt safe letting go of our inhibitions.

Although at first it felt unusual and awkward, there grew a sense of exhilaration and real joy. My 21-year-old son, generally inhibited and critical, stayed for the entire session and fully participated. By the end, he reported, he was really laughing.

As a practitioner myself, I often include laughter and lightheartedness into my treatment sessions with patients. Having attended this session with Tanya, I more greatly value the benefits and importance of laughter. She is a skilled, sincere, and warm teacher.

Richard Mandell, Lic.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Founder and Executive Director
The PanAfrican Acupuncture Project

Class was fantastic today! My knee replacement side is feeling better all the time. Thank you for all you do! You are a blessing to me!

I was diagnosed with pretty severe endometriosis before I moved here and had surgery before I moved. I believe the yoga and diet have helped me the most!

Lori Belanger

Thank you so much for making the time to come teach our staff. You are such a beautiful soul. I love who you are in the world, and feel so grateful that we got to bask in your light for a few minutes. Thank you, thank you... I hope we'll see more of you in the coming years- and hope you'll always feel at home at IKAR. We all loved it!
Rabbi Sharon Brous

In the middle of our workday I was told we'd be doing laugh yoga. I was already cranky, stressed, and pressed for time, so it didn't seem worthwhile. Tanya's smile and passion for her work changed my attitude almost immediately. The few minutes we spent laughing together changed the shape of my entire day, making me feel lighter, having more patience with my staff, and putting things into perspective. I loved it!!
Abbe Meryl Feder, Director of Operations
IKAR | http://ikar-la.org

Last spring I called Dr. Gold because I had been seeing a number of specialists who had been unable to help me with my health issues. I was able to get an appointment right away. When I entered the office, I was greeted warmly and was immediately put at ease. Dr. Gold did a thorough review of my records and listened attentively and with interest as I recounted my story. Her physical examination was gentle and thorough. Over the course of a number of visits, Dr. Gold has spent as much time with me as I wanted, answered my questions and provided me with a great deal of helpful information. She addressed general health issues that my other doctors had not, issues of which I was unaware. Through supplements, exercise, massage, meditation, laughter and some medication, I have been able to improve my overall health, strength and energy level. I have been able to supplement natural remedies for some of the pharmaceuticals I had been taking that had been causing unpleasant side effects. When I am sick, Dr. Gold responds to me promptly, offering encouragement, reassurance and advice. When I have had questions about medications or procedures recommended by other physicians, she has provided me with research and information to help me make decisions. Although I have found that there is no easy fix for my diagnosis, it is comforting knowing that Dr. Gold will stay me with me as I continue my journey to better health.
Carol K.