Our Mission

To love and care for our patients as our own family members. To empower and educate patients on how to heal themselves through incorporating fun healthy lifestyle changes consistently. We offer YOU a Personalized Integrative Approach which combines both traditional and alternative methods. We provide prescription medications judiciously, as necessary, but also offer evidence-based herbs and supplements to improve your overall well being and get you to YOUR level of Optimal Living. We help patients identify their life’s purpose, so they will want to get healthy and live meaningful lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What new services will Dr. Gold provide?

Dr. Gold will provide you with a fun, hands-on approach to help you reach your optimal health. She will start with a comprehensive baseline health report! Think of this as a journey, and as with any trip, you need a starting point! She will help you develop an effective personalized plan, based on your needs, focusing on healthy lifestyles! You have immense potential for greatness, it just needs to be tapped into:)

In order to reach any goal, a healthy mind is key. She will teach you proven strategies to condition your body and mind daily for success, and help you manage stress.

2.Will you be acting as my PCP?

Dr. Gold will be offering select primary care services, including complete physical exams, sick visits, and comprehensive chronic disease management. She will provide you with a personalized plan and take the time to listen, and provide you with compassionate care.

3.Do you take my insurance?

Dr. Gold's Optimal Living Institute is not currently accepting insurance, however you can use your health savings account (HSA), and health reimbursement account (HRA). Dr. Gold will be using an electronic medical record, and can provide you with an itemized bill, which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Insurance company reimbursements will be based on the terms of your policy.

4.Do you prescribe all medications?

Dr. Gold does not prescribe any narcotics, certain weight loss pills, or possibly habit forming medications, including sleeping or anxiety pills, among others. According to the medical literature, there can be serious side effects with these drugs, and these pills generally do not treat the Root cause of the illness, and can mask symptoms. Dr. Gold cares about getting you well long term! :)

5.Can you draw labs on site?

Dr. Gold will provide you with a lab slip to take to your appropriate lab site. Lab coverage will be based on your insurance.

6.Do you do gynecological exams including Pap smears?

Dr. Gold will not perform pelvic exams including Pap smears. However, she can help you find a practitioner who does.

Dr. Gold's realizes you have a choice in providers, and appreciates the opportunity to partner with you, and see your health thrive! :)

Have a beautiful day, every day!

Dr. Gold ☺