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Dr. Gold's Optimal Living Institute


Your Health Matters!

Welcome to Dr. Gold’s Optimal Living Institute

This Holistic Medical Center is a place where you can heal, grow, and optimize Your Health. We realize your Wellness is Not a one-day affair. It begins with YOU willing to commit and invest in YOUR Health NOW and Believing You Can Succeed.

As a patient, we will be providing you with an evidence-based comprehensive nutritional, mental, physical, and spiritual assessment. You will also learn an innovative technique to enjoy the process and make it long lasting. After all, what’s the point of a temporary breakthrough? You are a winner! You just need the proper tools. The practice emphasizes natural approaches, and we are committed to your success. Learn more…

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Primary Care/Family Medicine


Evidence-Based Family & Holistic Medicine
We understand getting healthy can be challenging. That’s why we work together as a TEAM! Take the Guesswork out of YOUR HEALTH with our Specialized testing Learn more

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Dr. Gold’s Wellness Community


Regain Your Calm: A Journey to Inner Peace Online Course

Embark on a transformative journey with “Regain Your Calm,” an online class meticulously crafted to guide you towards achieving serenity and clarity in your everyday life. In a world where stress and distractions abound, this course is your beacon of light, offering effective strategies and tools across four comprehensive modules. Each step is designed to help you quiet the mind, embrace positivity, find joy in laughter, and cultivate mindfulness, leading to a balanced and joyful existence. Join us to rediscover your calm and unlock the door to a more peaceful, fulfilling life.

Welcome to Energize! Online Course

Welcome to “Energize,” a groundbreaking online course designed to guide you on a transformative journey toward regaining and optimizing your energy levels. This comprehensive program is structured around key pillars that are essential for cultivating a vibrant, energetic life. Through expert guidance and practical strategies, “Energize” empowers you to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, embracing a more dynamic and fulfilling existence.


20 Second Workout Online Course

Take the 20 day challenge

Yes you heard correctly. It’s only 20 seconds. So why 20 seconds you may be asking? The benefits of short, simple workouts (mini workouts) make it more likely for people who don’t exercise to do something rather than nothing. It’s easy and convenient, simple, and doing throughout your day allows you to take breaks, break up the monotony of the day and relieve pain. Learn more…


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“I had migraines since I was a baby and saw a string of neurologists, but with Dr. Gold, she used a blended approach. I have so much relief it’s astounding. She partnered with me in my health and got to the bottom of my issues. She’s an incredible listener.” — Bonnie

Thank you so much for making the time to come teach our staff. You are such a beautiful soul. I love who you are in the world, and feel so grateful that we got to bask in your light for a few minutes. Thank you, thank you… I hope we’ll see more of you in the coming years- and hope you’ll always feel at home at IKAR. We all loved it!
—Rabbi Sharon Brous, IKAR